Monday, September 29, 2008

rythm count down 12

8.11 0 miles

8.12 11 miles to seaman's gulch trails and back. had a couple sodas from the grovery store quarter machine on the way. nice views and heat.

8.13 34 miles. took iodine tablets and a water bottle up 8th street ext. to boise ridge road. all dirt. went along the road hoping for water for a long time...views were spectacular from 6,000' up there, but all was dry. came down hard guy trail, which should be mtn biker heaven. totally dehydrated for the last slow 8 miles. silly, but then the maps show creeks everywhere!?!? not here in boise summer!

8.14 5 miles. tough, just baby jogged it to heal myself.

8.15 0 miles.

8.16 11 miles. to seaman's gulch again. like this greenway+trails loop. last mile in 6:50 felt good.

8.17 9 miles. on greenbelt. started slow, finished strong and felt solid.

total for week: 70 miles. sticking to 70 until more feels easier. the mid week long run was good, although i'll not intend on making it quite so tough next time. must....have....water...

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