Monday, September 29, 2008

down to 6

9.22 14 miles. up 8th st to upper gulch trailhead. ran strong all the way up, but was weak on the return dowhill. just tired.

9.23 11 miles.

9.24 15 miles.

9.25 13 miles.

9.26 8 miles. a slight recovery day, took it easy.

9.27 20 miles. e-mailed a group of boise ultrarunners and had 4 come join me for a nice loop early in the morning. saw some new trails and had conversation on a run for the first time in months.

9.28 25 miles. similar group of runners. up to the ridge and over the ski lifts at bogus basin. we explored some new trails trying to find a quick way back down after 6 hours, but instead came out on the road still above 5500'. we hitched rides down. a nice long training run with like mided crazies.

total: 108 miles.
got the miles up there. it was an effort, and the achilles felt it a little bit with all the uphill stuff. but this is what's necessary. i will lay low for a day and then see how next week pans out. i am excited about the training and the big race. this is the time to push, while still keeping tabs on the weak links. 100 miles is a long week. good times. exploring the experiment of one.

down to 7

9.15 0 miles

9.16 19 miles. intended 1:45 run, but made one wrong turn up high in the foothills, and ended up doing nearly 3 hours. this was a good run, even with just one water bottle i managed to cruise and hold thigns together til the last mile. 3 hours in this non-humidity with just a little water is an accomplishment. glad my body is adjusting and doing well.

9.17 6 miles. rode bicycle up to polecat trail system. motivation was low, so just did one loop.

9.18 12 miles. enjoyed sweet sidewinder trail in hulls gulch system. can't get enough of this trail with the great slopes and views.

9.19 14 miles. to sidewinder again and this time two laps. sprinted down the mountain to fend off mtn bikers in pursuit. adrenaline and speed. quite fun.

9.20 0 miles.

9.21 20 miles in two 10 mile runs. morning
morning: in hulls gulch area, some fast downhill running again.
evening: into the dark and wrapped up the week.

total: 70 miles. enjoyed this week immensely. still a bit confounded that while 70 miles seems "reasonable" it is not "easy." oh well, this is still my best training ever and in the future we'll see if more miles get easier. good times.

down to 8

9.8 0 miles.

9.9 5 miles. still wrecked.

9.10 5 miles. speed work. 0.1 miles HARD. 0.1 miles easy. tough workout.

9.11 12 miles. awesome run on trails at camel's back park. biked over to park. felt inspired and visualized the mother road race. feel i am getting tougher and enjoying the training.

9.12 9 miles. over to camel's back again. enjoy these trails and the views looking down on boise.

9.13 12 miles. boise orienteering meet. humbling to get 'off' a couple times. but a fun change of pace none the less....then over to the trails for another 6 miles or so. good day.

9.14 20 miles. ran up hulls gulch trail and the motorcycle trail to the ridge road. then down 8th street and hulls gulch interpretive trail. found some water in hulls gulch and drank unfiltered. thank goodness or i'd have been damaged by dehydration agian! foolish but fun.

total: 63 miles. just getting back into the swing after the bike trip and bodacious 55 last week. first real good forays on the foothills are bringing hill running into full effect.

down to 9

9.1 10 miles. in eugene, OR. up to butte south of town. adidas/rexxus trail.

9.4 riding back from the ocean....

9.6 55 miles. ran in the last miles of the pacific trip. see pacific ride blog for story of this adventure run.

9.7 0 miles.

total: 65 miles. whoosh, the long one was ultra endurance adventure at it's best. very tough. sleep deprivation, etc. good stuff.

down to 10

8.25 10 miles.

8.26 started bicycle ride to the pacific

8.29 pacific ride. 12-17 hrs/day on the bicycle. awesome.

total: 10 miles running but a ton of aerobics.

down to 11

8.18 20 miles. to table rock east of town. held things together for the 1000' climb in the heat, then doused in the boise river on the way back.

8.19 11 miles. to downtown on greenbelt. then mentally cracked and walked several miles. very low point mentally. ran last 2 miles in 14:00 to get some rythm going.

8.20 0 miles. rode bicycle to lucky peak reservoir. 50k ride to reconn the course for running.

8.21 20 miles. on greenway, 10 mile splits of 1:29, 1:23. last mile in 7:30. solid run.

8.22 0 miles.

8.23 12 miles. chased some fast runners on the greenway. ran into leon rothstein, local boise ultraguy. good stuff. fast running was good.

8.24 7 miles. sore from fast stuff, but just got to 70 miles.

total: 70 miles. goodness, run a couple 20's take a couple days off, and there you are again at 70 miles for te week. how do the big timers do double that!??

rythm count down 12

8.11 0 miles

8.12 11 miles to seaman's gulch trails and back. had a couple sodas from the grovery store quarter machine on the way. nice views and heat.

8.13 34 miles. took iodine tablets and a water bottle up 8th street ext. to boise ridge road. all dirt. went along the road hoping for water for a long time...views were spectacular from 6,000' up there, but all was dry. came down hard guy trail, which should be mtn biker heaven. totally dehydrated for the last slow 8 miles. silly, but then the maps show creeks everywhere!?!? not here in boise summer!

8.14 5 miles. tough, just baby jogged it to heal myself.

8.15 0 miles.

8.16 11 miles. to seaman's gulch again. like this greenway+trails loop. last mile in 6:50 felt good.

8.17 9 miles. on greenbelt. started slow, finished strong and felt solid.

total for week: 70 miles. sticking to 70 until more feels easier. the mid week long run was good, although i'll not intend on making it quite so tough next time. must....have....water...