Monday, September 29, 2008

down to 8

9.8 0 miles.

9.9 5 miles. still wrecked.

9.10 5 miles. speed work. 0.1 miles HARD. 0.1 miles easy. tough workout.

9.11 12 miles. awesome run on trails at camel's back park. biked over to park. felt inspired and visualized the mother road race. feel i am getting tougher and enjoying the training.

9.12 9 miles. over to camel's back again. enjoy these trails and the views looking down on boise.

9.13 12 miles. boise orienteering meet. humbling to get 'off' a couple times. but a fun change of pace none the less....then over to the trails for another 6 miles or so. good day.

9.14 20 miles. ran up hulls gulch trail and the motorcycle trail to the ridge road. then down 8th street and hulls gulch interpretive trail. found some water in hulls gulch and drank unfiltered. thank goodness or i'd have been damaged by dehydration agian! foolish but fun.

total: 63 miles. just getting back into the swing after the bike trip and bodacious 55 last week. first real good forays on the foothills are bringing hill running into full effect.

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