Monday, September 29, 2008

down to 11

8.18 20 miles. to table rock east of town. held things together for the 1000' climb in the heat, then doused in the boise river on the way back.

8.19 11 miles. to downtown on greenbelt. then mentally cracked and walked several miles. very low point mentally. ran last 2 miles in 14:00 to get some rythm going.

8.20 0 miles. rode bicycle to lucky peak reservoir. 50k ride to reconn the course for running.

8.21 20 miles. on greenway, 10 mile splits of 1:29, 1:23. last mile in 7:30. solid run.

8.22 0 miles.

8.23 12 miles. chased some fast runners on the greenway. ran into leon rothstein, local boise ultraguy. good stuff. fast running was good.

8.24 7 miles. sore from fast stuff, but just got to 70 miles.

total: 70 miles. goodness, run a couple 20's take a couple days off, and there you are again at 70 miles for te week. how do the big timers do double that!??

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