Monday, September 29, 2008

down to 7

9.15 0 miles

9.16 19 miles. intended 1:45 run, but made one wrong turn up high in the foothills, and ended up doing nearly 3 hours. this was a good run, even with just one water bottle i managed to cruise and hold thigns together til the last mile. 3 hours in this non-humidity with just a little water is an accomplishment. glad my body is adjusting and doing well.

9.17 6 miles. rode bicycle up to polecat trail system. motivation was low, so just did one loop.

9.18 12 miles. enjoyed sweet sidewinder trail in hulls gulch system. can't get enough of this trail with the great slopes and views.

9.19 14 miles. to sidewinder again and this time two laps. sprinted down the mountain to fend off mtn bikers in pursuit. adrenaline and speed. quite fun.

9.20 0 miles.

9.21 20 miles in two 10 mile runs. morning
morning: in hulls gulch area, some fast downhill running again.
evening: into the dark and wrapped up the week.

total: 70 miles. enjoyed this week immensely. still a bit confounded that while 70 miles seems "reasonable" it is not "easy." oh well, this is still my best training ever and in the future we'll see if more miles get easier. good times.

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