Sunday, July 27, 2008

log-a-rythm 4

7.21 2 miles. crewing for kevin between shelbyville and monteagle, tn. got a couple miles in by leap frogging him between aid stops. no good running, but the lack of sleep and inspiration are enough for now.

7.22 0 miles. finished crewing. kevin wins vol state 2008 in 4:23:45:08. whata run! amazing persistence and determination.

7.23 0 miles. whatched john price finish.

7.24 5 miles. watched don winkley finish, then drove home and got a couple miles in around the lake. scott rode the bicycle next to me and heard the tales from the road.

7.25 12 miles. back in greenville, ran the furman/paris mtn loop in the heat. finished ok, but dehydrated.

7.26 10 miles. around neighborhoods at base of paris mountain. ran strong the last mile.

7.27 0 miles. felt sick and tired. will shoot for big miles tomorrow, and in the coming week.

total for week: 29 miles. pitiful, but between the sleep deprivation of crewing and the puny feeling at the end of the week, it will have to do. big miles coming up this next week! must focus on consistency.

log-a-rythm 3

7.14 0 miles. getting ready to leave apartment

7.15 7 miles. getting ready to leave for vol state run

7.16 0 miles. long drive to union city, tn

7.17 18 miles. dresden to martin and back. enjoyed the TN blast furnace. started th eday with videoing the start and first 20 miles of the race. then drove ahead to dresden and got these miles in. crossing paths with don, byron, and cyndi en route.

7.18 16 miles. out and back to lexington on hwy 22. HOT. walked last few miles due to hot sun.

7.19 9 miles. hampshire tn, to county line and back on hwy 412. hot again. fast last mile. worn myself out.

7.20 0 miles. rode with gary back through field. then started crewing for kevin at 9pm.

total for week: 50 miles. not nearly what i'd hoped for. but the videoing and then crewing precluded getting the miles in. hopefully next week will be a bit better and then i'll be in the swing of things.

Monday, July 14, 2008

log-a-rythm 2

7.7: 9.4 miles. ran around neighborhoods at base of paris mountain. enjoyed shade on this hot day, and keep the pace mellow (9 minute miles).

7.9: 15.3 miles. ran over to furman, and found byron's truck parked, i correctly assumed he was running the green valley 5 course, so i ran it backwards until i ran into him, we then cranked out a couple 6:30's to bring him in just under 35, in 34:59. i continued home in the dark. a good run with a couple fast miles thrown in.

7.10: with all the miles, i was dreading this rondevous with byron for what would be our last outing before i head off from greenville. byron wanted to run 34:30. i wanted to stay home....however yet again i was surprised by the results. we warmed up about a mile, and then took off. instead of feeling dead like i had all day, i cruised. 6:30, 12:46, 19:53, 26:00, 32:04. probably within 40 seconds of my pr for 5 miles. and it was hot. i need to remind myself on days when i am tired and hurting that if i just start moving it will get easier most of the time. a great run.

7.12: 30.7 miles. to sammy's house in pickens. the weather got warm as i neared sammy's house. the countryside was beautiful. a great run. slow and steady, with a solid good pace for the last mile with sammy. then ate lunch and napped/watched the tour de france on sammy's tv. fun times.

7.13: 14 miles. paris mountain lake loop. this one has alot of vertical. it rained and was as muggy as is physically possible. i had an early breakfast and no lunch before this afternoon run. i died at 8 miles. walk/jogged the last 6, straight walking the last 2. tough, but then had a nice dinner and relaxed.

total for the week: 76 miles. it sure seemed like alot more than 76 miles, but that's running. i am pumped to have two solid weeks to start the training. i thought i would have trouble hitting the 60's at first, but 164 for the first 2 weeks is encouraging. next week i'll be at vol state and hope to get some good mileage in there too. grinding out the miles....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

log-a-rythm 1

with apologies to matt kirk, i can't imagine a better name for regular updates on running training.

6.30: 5 miles.

7.1: 8 miles. 3 with annie on shady roads, then 5 with byron, i took off for 5 in 33:06

7.2: 0 miles. resting to get up early and journey run.

7.3: 48 miles. greenville to iva, sc. had planned 110 mile trek to athens, ga. stopped early but enjoyed the run very much. i like the idea of doing a day long journey run regularly throughout this training.

7.4: 1 mile. in athens, swam to the dam and ran back. just to loosen up.

7.5: 15.3 miles. country roads in athens. slow and hot. powerline cut provided a blackberry aid station and later a nice creek cool down.

7.6: 11 miles. back in greenville, green valley 10 course with byron in 1:24. slow and steady. warm weather and just trying to move fluidly and easily.

total for the week: 88 miles. a great kick off. knocking out the medium range runs late in the week was a bonus i didn't expect. the slower pace lets the legs loosen up and endure.
all miles in the the worn out new balance 152's - i love these shoes.

fresh perspective

on june 28th, 2008 i turned in my notice at hamilton automation and decided to set off from greenville, sc in order to seek a fresh perspective. a great portion of my heart is still in greenville, but i am looking to see my life from a new angle.

july 11th is my last day at work, and the plan is to train for 4 months for the mother road 100 mile road race, to be held november 8th, in oklahoma. this training will see me visit tennessee, and other places that feel right.

the hope is that these four months will allow my dreams and desires to coalesce, and i will find the next path, the next great challenge.

sometimes you have to just make a decision and cut yourself loose.

we all live an adventure, and this log will update you on mine for the next little while.