Saturday, October 16, 2010

t-minus 5

10.10 - 0

10.11 - 26.0, from warwoman dell to rabun bald and back on the bartram trail. started a little unsure, but got in the swing. great trail and sublime views from rabun bald. great day. last hour and a half were in the dark, twisted ankle a couple times so took it easy the last few miles.

10.12 - 4.5, around lake

10.13 - 12.5, 4.5 lake loop early, then 8.0 twice lake loop later.

10.14 - 17.0, very solid run on the hilly hickory point loop. slightly injured the ball of my right foot a couple miles from the end, but it seems to have healed by saturday.

10.15 - 0 unmotivated. bicycled around the lake for a bit on the new tires.

10.16 - 12.0, unmotivated, probably just tired, but the 12 was easy.

week: 72 miles.

super enthusiastic and joyful early in the week. the mountain runs were getting me all excited. came down a bit friday/saturday. must just be feeling the cumulative fatigue. it's all good though, because the legs are still responding fine when i head out. another week and a half of pushing it, and then i'll ease up. great running.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

t-minus 6

10.3 - 5.0, from rock fish gap into shenandoah NP. spotted black bear from 20yards. just taking advantage of being in the blue ridge. legs were fine after 50 yesterday.

10.4 - 0, traveling home all day

10.5 - 4.5, tired from lack of sleep

10.6 - 12.5, 4.5 at lunch, felt a little tired. 8.0 in the evening, in a great mood and enjoyed the cool fall weather. dinner w nick liz and kendall afterwards. fun night.

10.7 - 22.6, woody gap to neels gap and back over blood mountain w james. late afternoon, used headlamps for last hour. sweet fall weather, cool and breezy. beauty.

10.8 - 12.5, to 4 way stop and back around lake. ipod induced bliss, quick pace for the last 7 miles. jumped in lake - perfect cool water temps....won't last long as the fall moves in.

10.9 - 19.0, chattooga river trail from hwy 28 t0 hwy 76 with tim. GREAT fun run. two swimming breaks. water was cold be felt awesome. trail is very runnable and seems a great venue for camping and running. can't wait to return!

week: 76.2
stellar second half of the week. mountain running this time of year is so inspiring, and my body is coming around to the solid miles. really looking forward to staying consistent with the trips to the mountains, and the good mileage. really looking forward to FALL!

t-minus 7

9.26 - 4.5, lake loop

9.27 - 4.5, lake loop

9.28 - 9.0, lake loop morning, lake loop evening

9.29 - 4.5, lake loop

9.30 - 0, 30hr work day - then flying to VA

10.1 - 0, slept in, drove to Grindstone.

10.2 - 50, pacing liz at grindstone. solid effort and she finished 2nd.

week: 72.5

little busy at the beginning of the week, and then crushed by 30+ hour work day to get things out before traveling. 50miles of grindstone in 14 hours was good time on feet. fun and gorgeous weather/conditions! enjoyed the trip.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

t-minus 8

9.19 - 12.0, black snake over to jason's to watch some football. hot.

9.20 - 9.2, black snake loop, really fast last couple miles....felt like fitness is starting to return. happy run.

9.21 - 9.2, black snake loop, again solid running. the cool weather is invigorating.

9.22 - 0, bought a new machine and got busy.

9.23 - 4.5, lake loop evening, still busy moving machinery.

9.24 - 10.0, out and back from franklin, NC on bartram trail. beautiful, but the 9million spiderwebs put a damper on things.

9.25 - 20.0, bushwack from louis land to the AT, down to NOC, up to the jump up on the AT, back to NOC. then shuttled w/tim and lydia to tellico gap and ran over wesser bald down to NOC again! great running on nice trails. weather was cool and wet in the afternoon. just fun.
views from wesser bald were really nice after the rain.

week: 64.9

the machinery moving really took a chunk out of the week, but this is a turning point. with the good base starting to kick in, and the weather turning, there were alot of happy miles this week.
actually able to run alot of the uphill trail miles too, which is a great change from the summer of feeling weak and tired when running. encouraging! next week just needs to maintain the solid jogging, and then pace 50mi at grindstone.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

t-minus 9

9.12 - 9.2, black snake road evening

9.13 - 4.5, lake loop

9.14 - 11.5, triple lake loop afternoon

9.15 - 22.6, woody gap to neels and back over blood mtn with james.
such great weather, a super enjoyable run!

9.16 - 2.0, evening to jump in lake and back after a tough couple hours of limb trimming, 35' up!

9.17 - 4.5, lake loop morning

9.11 - 0

week: 54.3

another solid week. bad mental math told me i already had 60 miles on saturday, so i didn't run, and instead helped dad on the trees again. oh well, it was a good workout too, and the help was appreciated. still very slow, but twice during the week my last few miles were fast....a sign that speed will return sooner than later???
this coming week i hope to pop the mileage up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

MR100 take 2 - training, t minus 10

9.5 - 0

9.6 - 4.5, lake loop

9.7 - 12.5, lake loop in morning, double lake loop evening

9.8 - 4.5, lake loop

9.9 - 17.0, black snake road in morning, hard 5+ w/byron at furman. 36:23

9.10 - 10.0, cochran shoals loop

9.11 - 9.2, black snake road in evening

week: 57.7
solid, the fast run with byron was an eye opener. 36 minutes HURT.
the weight will come off if i'm consistent.
each week needs:
a hard run or speed work day.
at least 2 doubles.
a day off.
a long run.
happy that i was able to run nearly 60 miles and it felt sustainable.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7.17 10 mi to war trace and back from gary's

7.18 8 mi to city limit and back from gary's

7.19 0 mi

7.20 5 mi. hard run down to stop sign and back from gary's. plus a little.

7.21 15.4 mi at home.

7.22 0

7.23 5 miles from juice's apartment in atl.

total: 43 miles. just a bit busy with driving and etc.