Monday, October 27, 2008

down to 2

10.20 1.5 miles - to grocery store and back. must keep the left leg straight to avoid tearing the stitches. limping 100%

10.21 1.5 miles - to grocery store. otherwise i am just reading and laying down. ready to be outside moving, but gotta keep the knee healthy or i won't be able to race.

10.22 4 miles. walked on the trails. still limping, but feel i'll be back soon.

10.23 4 miles. walked on the trails. still stiff legged limping, but moving!

10.24 9 miles. walked the 4 mile loop twice, plus to the grocery store. just happy to have moved!

10.25 11 miles. thought i might be able to run, actually jogged 2 blocks but while the stitches are ready for the bending of the knee, the tendon underneath is very tender. can't give a normal stride. walked 2 miles and then decided that a slow run was better than nothing, so i did that for hte remaining 7-8 miles. not normal running, but at least i got to sweat.

10.26 12 miles. ran the whole way. still limping somewhat, but a little better. can't extend the left leg due to the tender tendon. when will it feel normal, i wonder. is it tender from the rock bashing when i fell in montana, or is it tender because i didn't bend my knee for almost 2 weeks? i would guess it's due to a combination.

total: 43 miles. jeez, sure didn't feel like 43 miles, but i was exhausted after 12 on sunday. a couple weeks of nearly zero activity knocked out my ability to recover quickly. i needed a nap after sunday's run. maybe the coming week's effort will bring me back to the baseline, even if i lost some fitness i'm sure i'm still in the best shape of my life (i hope).

Monday, October 20, 2008

down to 3

10.13 13 miles. hiked up the spotted bear lookout trail. gorgeous views and fun hike. saw glacier park, swan range, more. nervous about bears, but made noise and no encounters.

10.14 8 miles. nearly climbed great northern mountain. inexperience caused an accident, and the stress levels were through the roof. end up with stitches in left knees and elbow. running will be a while.

10.15 0 miles. driving back to Boise so i can keep my wounds clean and sleep more comfortably.

10.16 1.5 miles. to grocery store and back. i have to limp to keep my leg straight and not tear the stitches. feel like someone beat me up.

10.17 3 miles. to library and back. unfortunately the excercise gets my blood pressure up a little and the wounds are weeping, so i'll have to lay low for a bit.

10.18 0 miles.

10.19 0 miles.

total: 26.5 miles. well, ideally i'd have finished the week with more hiking and done a couple decent runs at the end of the week. instead, the body needs rest. will this cost me fitness for the 100? or be a strengthening break? either way, i am in good shape and can't change what happened. I am lucky enough that it should be well healed before the 100, so at least it is still very likely that i'll run!

Friday, October 17, 2008

down to 4

10.6 10 miles. same backwards sidewinder loop, same tired start and good finish.

10.7 8 miles. Crooked Creek Trail in Boise National Forest. saw some super cool rock formations, a trail crew building a bridge, and helicopter dropping supplies. nice run with FREEZING bath in Crooked Creek Post-Run. I am on my way to Montana for exploration/adventure and Le Grizz....

10.8 11 miles. short hike in the morning on sweeney creek trail south of Hamilton, MT. AWESOME views and HUGE mountains here in Big Sky. then more miles on trails in rattlesnake rec area east of Missoula. Descending from Stuart Peak I ran into a big black bear. i made some noise, and retreated. found his/her scat on my alternate trail. A bear on my first day in

10.9 6 miles. just around downtown missoula and up to university's clark fork trail. very nice, just waiting for the library to open. just below freezing...the van was cold last night!

10.10 drove to hungry horse, scoped out the course, stayed up a little late talking to the locals who have been running and hiking for years. felt alittle better about grizzly country, and looking forward to the race in the a.m.

10.11 Le Grizz 50.
10 miles in 1:24
20 miles in 2:50
25 miles in 3:30
30 miles in 4:12
40 miles in 5:42
50 miles in 6:56
felt tight for the first 1/3, then smooth and very consitent throughout. consciously held back from hard effort, because my focus is mother road. VERY pleased with sub 7, and negative split. good confidence/experience for the 100.

10.12 0 miles. took it easy walking around flathead river and fishing in the cold.

total: 85 miles. enjoyed a couple exploration runs and then shook out the cobwebs for 50 miles. really pleased that my fitness is probably as good as i could have hoped. especially happy that i was still limber and care free at 50 miles.

down to 5

9.29 0 miles. resting

9.30 0 miles. resting

10.1 14 miles. two loops on sidewinder. strong running.

10.2 13 miles. up bogus basin to corrals, connected to 8th st. started tired but finished fine.

10.3 14 miles. up bogus basin road to dry creek trail. love this trail and connecting to hard guy trail. favorite route yet.

10.4 0 miles.

10.5 10 miles. ran sidewinder backwards. good run.

total: 51 miles. i was worn out and my achilles was extra tender after the preceding long week, so mon/tues were necessary zeros. the rest of the week felt good but i had a mental low on saturday and didn't get out. i think this was fine after the strong week before.