Wednesday, August 20, 2008

log-a-rythm 6

8.4 5 miles in park in nashville. slow and tired. fine. then drove to nebraska.

8.5 0 miles, driving to idaho.

8.6 18 miles in greenway in idaho. in the heat. dry. good run.

8.7 12 miles. greenway over to seaman's gulch to check out a hilly valley view loop. gorgeous views. no trees to hide from the sun.

8.8 18 miles. on greenway to downtown, to the foothills and up hull's gulch. back down and through city streets to apartment. good, tough the last 4-5 miles. no water. then did mammoth rafting on payette river. exhausted!

8.9 7 miles on greenway. tired, just covered a few miles.

8.10 11 miles on greeway. still tired. just getting miles again.

total: 71 miles. pretty good considering the long drive out early in the week. some good long miles.

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