Monday, September 29, 2008

down to 6

9.22 14 miles. up 8th st to upper gulch trailhead. ran strong all the way up, but was weak on the return dowhill. just tired.

9.23 11 miles.

9.24 15 miles.

9.25 13 miles.

9.26 8 miles. a slight recovery day, took it easy.

9.27 20 miles. e-mailed a group of boise ultrarunners and had 4 come join me for a nice loop early in the morning. saw some new trails and had conversation on a run for the first time in months.

9.28 25 miles. similar group of runners. up to the ridge and over the ski lifts at bogus basin. we explored some new trails trying to find a quick way back down after 6 hours, but instead came out on the road still above 5500'. we hitched rides down. a nice long training run with like mided crazies.

total: 108 miles.
got the miles up there. it was an effort, and the achilles felt it a little bit with all the uphill stuff. but this is what's necessary. i will lay low for a day and then see how next week pans out. i am excited about the training and the big race. this is the time to push, while still keeping tabs on the weak links. 100 miles is a long week. good times. exploring the experiment of one.

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