Friday, October 17, 2008

down to 5

9.29 0 miles. resting

9.30 0 miles. resting

10.1 14 miles. two loops on sidewinder. strong running.

10.2 13 miles. up bogus basin to corrals, connected to 8th st. started tired but finished fine.

10.3 14 miles. up bogus basin road to dry creek trail. love this trail and connecting to hard guy trail. favorite route yet.

10.4 0 miles.

10.5 10 miles. ran sidewinder backwards. good run.

total: 51 miles. i was worn out and my achilles was extra tender after the preceding long week, so mon/tues were necessary zeros. the rest of the week felt good but i had a mental low on saturday and didn't get out. i think this was fine after the strong week before.

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