Sunday, July 27, 2008

log-a-rythm 4

7.21 2 miles. crewing for kevin between shelbyville and monteagle, tn. got a couple miles in by leap frogging him between aid stops. no good running, but the lack of sleep and inspiration are enough for now.

7.22 0 miles. finished crewing. kevin wins vol state 2008 in 4:23:45:08. whata run! amazing persistence and determination.

7.23 0 miles. whatched john price finish.

7.24 5 miles. watched don winkley finish, then drove home and got a couple miles in around the lake. scott rode the bicycle next to me and heard the tales from the road.

7.25 12 miles. back in greenville, ran the furman/paris mtn loop in the heat. finished ok, but dehydrated.

7.26 10 miles. around neighborhoods at base of paris mountain. ran strong the last mile.

7.27 0 miles. felt sick and tired. will shoot for big miles tomorrow, and in the coming week.

total for week: 29 miles. pitiful, but between the sleep deprivation of crewing and the puny feeling at the end of the week, it will have to do. big miles coming up this next week! must focus on consistency.

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