Sunday, July 27, 2008

log-a-rythm 3

7.14 0 miles. getting ready to leave apartment

7.15 7 miles. getting ready to leave for vol state run

7.16 0 miles. long drive to union city, tn

7.17 18 miles. dresden to martin and back. enjoyed the TN blast furnace. started th eday with videoing the start and first 20 miles of the race. then drove ahead to dresden and got these miles in. crossing paths with don, byron, and cyndi en route.

7.18 16 miles. out and back to lexington on hwy 22. HOT. walked last few miles due to hot sun.

7.19 9 miles. hampshire tn, to county line and back on hwy 412. hot again. fast last mile. worn myself out.

7.20 0 miles. rode with gary back through field. then started crewing for kevin at 9pm.

total for week: 50 miles. not nearly what i'd hoped for. but the videoing and then crewing precluded getting the miles in. hopefully next week will be a bit better and then i'll be in the swing of things.

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