Thursday, July 10, 2008

fresh perspective

on june 28th, 2008 i turned in my notice at hamilton automation and decided to set off from greenville, sc in order to seek a fresh perspective. a great portion of my heart is still in greenville, but i am looking to see my life from a new angle.

july 11th is my last day at work, and the plan is to train for 4 months for the mother road 100 mile road race, to be held november 8th, in oklahoma. this training will see me visit tennessee, and other places that feel right.

the hope is that these four months will allow my dreams and desires to coalesce, and i will find the next path, the next great challenge.

sometimes you have to just make a decision and cut yourself loose.

we all live an adventure, and this log will update you on mine for the next little while.


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