Thursday, July 10, 2008

log-a-rythm 1

with apologies to matt kirk, i can't imagine a better name for regular updates on running training.

6.30: 5 miles.

7.1: 8 miles. 3 with annie on shady roads, then 5 with byron, i took off for 5 in 33:06

7.2: 0 miles. resting to get up early and journey run.

7.3: 48 miles. greenville to iva, sc. had planned 110 mile trek to athens, ga. stopped early but enjoyed the run very much. i like the idea of doing a day long journey run regularly throughout this training.

7.4: 1 mile. in athens, swam to the dam and ran back. just to loosen up.

7.5: 15.3 miles. country roads in athens. slow and hot. powerline cut provided a blackberry aid station and later a nice creek cool down.

7.6: 11 miles. back in greenville, green valley 10 course with byron in 1:24. slow and steady. warm weather and just trying to move fluidly and easily.

total for the week: 88 miles. a great kick off. knocking out the medium range runs late in the week was a bonus i didn't expect. the slower pace lets the legs loosen up and endure.
all miles in the the worn out new balance 152's - i love these shoes.

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