Monday, July 14, 2008

log-a-rythm 2

7.7: 9.4 miles. ran around neighborhoods at base of paris mountain. enjoyed shade on this hot day, and keep the pace mellow (9 minute miles).

7.9: 15.3 miles. ran over to furman, and found byron's truck parked, i correctly assumed he was running the green valley 5 course, so i ran it backwards until i ran into him, we then cranked out a couple 6:30's to bring him in just under 35, in 34:59. i continued home in the dark. a good run with a couple fast miles thrown in.

7.10: with all the miles, i was dreading this rondevous with byron for what would be our last outing before i head off from greenville. byron wanted to run 34:30. i wanted to stay home....however yet again i was surprised by the results. we warmed up about a mile, and then took off. instead of feeling dead like i had all day, i cruised. 6:30, 12:46, 19:53, 26:00, 32:04. probably within 40 seconds of my pr for 5 miles. and it was hot. i need to remind myself on days when i am tired and hurting that if i just start moving it will get easier most of the time. a great run.

7.12: 30.7 miles. to sammy's house in pickens. the weather got warm as i neared sammy's house. the countryside was beautiful. a great run. slow and steady, with a solid good pace for the last mile with sammy. then ate lunch and napped/watched the tour de france on sammy's tv. fun times.

7.13: 14 miles. paris mountain lake loop. this one has alot of vertical. it rained and was as muggy as is physically possible. i had an early breakfast and no lunch before this afternoon run. i died at 8 miles. walk/jogged the last 6, straight walking the last 2. tough, but then had a nice dinner and relaxed.

total for the week: 76 miles. it sure seemed like alot more than 76 miles, but that's running. i am pumped to have two solid weeks to start the training. i thought i would have trouble hitting the 60's at first, but 164 for the first 2 weeks is encouraging. next week i'll be at vol state and hope to get some good mileage in there too. grinding out the miles....

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