Monday, October 20, 2008

down to 3

10.13 13 miles. hiked up the spotted bear lookout trail. gorgeous views and fun hike. saw glacier park, swan range, more. nervous about bears, but made noise and no encounters.

10.14 8 miles. nearly climbed great northern mountain. inexperience caused an accident, and the stress levels were through the roof. end up with stitches in left knees and elbow. running will be a while.

10.15 0 miles. driving back to Boise so i can keep my wounds clean and sleep more comfortably.

10.16 1.5 miles. to grocery store and back. i have to limp to keep my leg straight and not tear the stitches. feel like someone beat me up.

10.17 3 miles. to library and back. unfortunately the excercise gets my blood pressure up a little and the wounds are weeping, so i'll have to lay low for a bit.

10.18 0 miles.

10.19 0 miles.

total: 26.5 miles. well, ideally i'd have finished the week with more hiking and done a couple decent runs at the end of the week. instead, the body needs rest. will this cost me fitness for the 100? or be a strengthening break? either way, i am in good shape and can't change what happened. I am lucky enough that it should be well healed before the 100, so at least it is still very likely that i'll run!

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