Monday, October 27, 2008

down to 2

10.20 1.5 miles - to grocery store and back. must keep the left leg straight to avoid tearing the stitches. limping 100%

10.21 1.5 miles - to grocery store. otherwise i am just reading and laying down. ready to be outside moving, but gotta keep the knee healthy or i won't be able to race.

10.22 4 miles. walked on the trails. still limping, but feel i'll be back soon.

10.23 4 miles. walked on the trails. still stiff legged limping, but moving!

10.24 9 miles. walked the 4 mile loop twice, plus to the grocery store. just happy to have moved!

10.25 11 miles. thought i might be able to run, actually jogged 2 blocks but while the stitches are ready for the bending of the knee, the tendon underneath is very tender. can't give a normal stride. walked 2 miles and then decided that a slow run was better than nothing, so i did that for hte remaining 7-8 miles. not normal running, but at least i got to sweat.

10.26 12 miles. ran the whole way. still limping somewhat, but a little better. can't extend the left leg due to the tender tendon. when will it feel normal, i wonder. is it tender from the rock bashing when i fell in montana, or is it tender because i didn't bend my knee for almost 2 weeks? i would guess it's due to a combination.

total: 43 miles. jeez, sure didn't feel like 43 miles, but i was exhausted after 12 on sunday. a couple weeks of nearly zero activity knocked out my ability to recover quickly. i needed a nap after sunday's run. maybe the coming week's effort will bring me back to the baseline, even if i lost some fitness i'm sure i'm still in the best shape of my life (i hope).

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