Saturday, October 9, 2010

t-minus 6

10.3 - 5.0, from rock fish gap into shenandoah NP. spotted black bear from 20yards. just taking advantage of being in the blue ridge. legs were fine after 50 yesterday.

10.4 - 0, traveling home all day

10.5 - 4.5, tired from lack of sleep

10.6 - 12.5, 4.5 at lunch, felt a little tired. 8.0 in the evening, in a great mood and enjoyed the cool fall weather. dinner w nick liz and kendall afterwards. fun night.

10.7 - 22.6, woody gap to neels gap and back over blood mountain w james. late afternoon, used headlamps for last hour. sweet fall weather, cool and breezy. beauty.

10.8 - 12.5, to 4 way stop and back around lake. ipod induced bliss, quick pace for the last 7 miles. jumped in lake - perfect cool water temps....won't last long as the fall moves in.

10.9 - 19.0, chattooga river trail from hwy 28 t0 hwy 76 with tim. GREAT fun run. two swimming breaks. water was cold be felt awesome. trail is very runnable and seems a great venue for camping and running. can't wait to return!

week: 76.2
stellar second half of the week. mountain running this time of year is so inspiring, and my body is coming around to the solid miles. really looking forward to staying consistent with the trips to the mountains, and the good mileage. really looking forward to FALL!

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