Saturday, October 16, 2010

t-minus 5

10.10 - 0

10.11 - 26.0, from warwoman dell to rabun bald and back on the bartram trail. started a little unsure, but got in the swing. great trail and sublime views from rabun bald. great day. last hour and a half were in the dark, twisted ankle a couple times so took it easy the last few miles.

10.12 - 4.5, around lake

10.13 - 12.5, 4.5 lake loop early, then 8.0 twice lake loop later.

10.14 - 17.0, very solid run on the hilly hickory point loop. slightly injured the ball of my right foot a couple miles from the end, but it seems to have healed by saturday.

10.15 - 0 unmotivated. bicycled around the lake for a bit on the new tires.

10.16 - 12.0, unmotivated, probably just tired, but the 12 was easy.

week: 72 miles.

super enthusiastic and joyful early in the week. the mountain runs were getting me all excited. came down a bit friday/saturday. must just be feeling the cumulative fatigue. it's all good though, because the legs are still responding fine when i head out. another week and a half of pushing it, and then i'll ease up. great running.

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