Sunday, September 19, 2010

t-minus 9

9.12 - 9.2, black snake road evening

9.13 - 4.5, lake loop

9.14 - 11.5, triple lake loop afternoon

9.15 - 22.6, woody gap to neels and back over blood mtn with james.
such great weather, a super enjoyable run!

9.16 - 2.0, evening to jump in lake and back after a tough couple hours of limb trimming, 35' up!

9.17 - 4.5, lake loop morning

9.11 - 0

week: 54.3

another solid week. bad mental math told me i already had 60 miles on saturday, so i didn't run, and instead helped dad on the trees again. oh well, it was a good workout too, and the help was appreciated. still very slow, but twice during the week my last few miles were fast....a sign that speed will return sooner than later???
this coming week i hope to pop the mileage up.

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