Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7.10 10 mi hike in the cohuttas. three forks, cowpens rd to panther creek trail down to the conasauga r. confluence. good times and good vertical. kendall is a hiker.

7.11 11 mi. swim and walk in the AM, then 4-way stop and back in the afternoon.

7.12 1 mi. swim and walk

7.13 7 mi. with james in the highlands. slow in the heat. both out of shape.

7.14 0 mi.

7.15 14 mi. union ridge to shelbyville. getting ready to ferry the masses to the Vol State start.

7.16 13 mi. dresden backwards to the overpass and back. passed several runners. felt good.

total: 56 mi. decent week, just trying to regain consistency.

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